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Individual and Family Health Insurance
Individual and Family health insurance provides coverage for only one individual or family. The insurance carrier will evaluate your application and health history to determine their risk and your underwritten rate.

There is always a minimum 12 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions. The carrier also has the right to waive, exclude, or decline coverage. For information on waiting periods, READ MORE>

Guaranteed Renewable
Your insurer cannot cancel your coverage if you become sick. If you continue to pay your insurance premium, coverage continues up to maximum benefit.

Full Coverage for Everyone!
If you've been declined or are at risk
of being declined coverage there
are still options. Ask us about the
Illinois Comprehensive Health
Insurance Plan (CHIP).

Application Process

The application process can vary from on-line to hard-copy enrollment.  Some on-line enrollments can be processed in 1–5 days, but you may still have to wait for an ID card and policy to be delivered by mail.  Hard-copy applications can typically be processed within 30 days, some take longer if the carrier is waiting for a response from one or more of your physicians. 

If you do not prefer on-line enrollment, it is good to allow at least 30 days for plan selection, processing, and receipt of ID cards.

DO NOT cancel previous coverage until you have received approval and underwritten rates on an individual or family policy.  You may withdraw your application and have payment returned to you if the underwritten plan is not to your liking.  Also, the carrier does have the right to waive, exclude, or decline coverage