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Home Protection
You've worked hard to build a successful life for you and your family. You should expect your insurance carrier to work just as hard to protect that success. American Benefit Consultants, Inc. can help you find home and auto insurance products that will give you the security and peace of mind you need.

Business Solutions
Every successful business needs protection against potential loss. ABC, Inc. has access to a broad range of business insurance products to help you. Designed with small to mid-sized businesses in mind, these products will give you the security critical to the continuation of your prospering businesses.

Claim Service that Responds to your Needs
Our customer's concerns and interests are at the forefront of what we do. In the event of a loss, you would want to know that your claim will be handled fairly and promptly. We assist in every way that we can to help bring about that satisfactory result.

Property and Casualty Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important elements in the protection of your family's financial security and small business. As a property and casualty insurance broker, American Benefit Consultants, Inc. is a leader in the creation of comprehensive insurance plans at an affordable price. Through careful analysis of your requirements and participating insurance carriers, our helpful staff can provide peace of mind that your family and small business are properly protected from losses.

A few of our numerous client services include: comprehensive analysis, application processing, benefit consulting, custom package development, flexible plans and help with claim processing.