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The Value of a Broker
There is no fee for our broker services.
There is no increase in your premium
for broker services. Let us do the
homework for you. We can help you
find the plan that leaves the most
money in your pocket.

COBRA/State Continuation
Know your rights and responsibilities.
COBRA law applies to groups of 20 or
more. State Continuation law applies
to groups of 19 and less.

Full Coverage for Everyone!
If you've been declined or are at risk
of being declined coverage there
are still options. Ask us about the
Illinois Comprehensive Health
Insurance Plan (CHIP).

Community HealthCare Alliance

CHCA offers a choice of two free-standing dental plans that include orthodontics (even for adults). 

  1. AlwaysCare PPO dental plan allows you to select dentists in- or out-of-network, of course coverage is better in-network. See AlwaysCare PPO benefit summaries for details and rates. 
  2. The CompBenefits Advantage Plan (in-network only).    The Advantage Plan allows you to select any network dentist or specialist without referral, but offers no coverage out of network.  See CompBenefits Advantage benefit summaries for details and rates. 

If you elect any one or more of these three plans you must also complete the employer application form which identifies your plan choices and billing preferences. Call 815-609-6715, our agents can help you determine if these plans might meet your needs.